Emily Shannon Fu Foundation (Formerly TigerSpeech Technolog)
i-CAST was developed to serve as a standardized speech assessment tool for research and clinic environment. Also the key features used in the program has been the foundation for several softwares that are used to help accelerate hearing impaired patients' auditory rehabilitation process (e.g., Angel Sound TM , Sound and WAY Beyond TM , 天使语训 TM , etc). Combined with i-STAR (open-set speech recognition test) and Angel Hear TM (computer- based automated hearing test), those programs provide unique tools to assess your audiological as well as functional hearing at home. Note that i-CAST is designed for research and clinic evaluation use only. Anyone who is interested at auditory rehabilitation or comprehensive functional hearing assessment at home please use Angel Sound TM , an interactive listening rehabilitation program based on the CAST technology. For more information, please visit the following website: http://angelsound.emilyfufoundation.org
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